In Japanese, “Reiki” means “universal life energy.”


Today, many know Reiki as the healing technique in which a practitioner places their hands lightly on or over a person’s body in order to harness, enhance, and accelerate their body’s natural energy and healing abilities.

For me, however, Reiki is so much more than the facilitation of one’s energy during a hands-on session. For me, Reiki is a meditation. It is an invitation to wellness. It is a restorative daily practice of conscious connection to the things we feel but cannot see. It is a doorway to the oneness of everything.

Reiki is not religious. The flow of energy has no dogma. Your body holds understandings that your mind can’t always access. Reiki will always meet you exactly where you are. It will help you tap into your life source and channel it outwards. If you focus your energy towards this direction, Reiki can open up a spiritual dimension within you, deepening your connection with the part of life that has no physical expression.

One on One Reiki Sessions


I offer one-on-one sessions in which we dive deep into your unique journey and the physical and emotional challenges you wish to overcome. Together we will explore a variety of ways to connect deeper with your true self and become more present, thus allowing the sacred to reveal itself fully in your everyday life.


In these sessions, I will always listen deeply to you, see the beauty shining within you, and hold compassionate space for your experiences and your life story.


On the table, I will work intuitively with your energy, using Reiki to tune in to what your body needs, listening to what it tells me, and taking note of where you tend to carry your emotions.


At its core, my work centers on one question: how can your life be transformed by connecting to the deeper truths in simple and sustainable ways?


We will explore how adding rituals into your every day can change your life from the inside out. Together, we will create personalized rituals that honor your unique energy and life path, and provide you with the support you need to stay connected to your intentions and purpose, long after our session has ended.


I can also create an intuitively channeled heart-opening guided meditation for you, expanding on and deepening the specific themes we are working on in our sessions. Should you choose this, you will receive a professional sound file of your meditation to listen to daily as an integral and uplifting part of the rituals we will create together.

Reiki Certification Trainings


Imagine being able to ground and balance yourself whenever and wherever you need it. Imagine feeling an instant connection to the invisible life force around you and within you, and learning to become a channel for this healing energy and apply it towards the world around you.


Once you are attuned as a Reiki practitioner, you will be empowered to give Reiki healing to yourself and to anyone else whenever you choose to. You do not need to practice Reiki as a profession to receive immense benefits from this training.


Reiki can be a powerful and transformative support system for your overall health, particularly when you are going through emotional upheavals or difficult transitions. It can assist with pain management, balance mood swings, and improve your sleep. A regular Reiki practice can enhance your overall quality of life by regulating and strengthening your connection with your own center. It helps you check in with your body and stimulates your own natural healing abilities.


My certified Reiki training happens in four inclusive levels. Each level is a full day retreat with food included. This training is accessible to all. Contact me if you have any questions.



In this introductory level, we will explain what Reiki is and spend a full day exploring its possibilities and learning all the basics. I will personally attune you to the practice of Reiki, and explain my own relationship to it. You will also receive the first Reiki symbol.


This level will teach you how to harness and nurture your body’s energy and give yourself daily healing. You will learn how to energetically clear a room and how to approach giving Reiki healing to others. You will also receive a book that includes a detailed description of everything we cover throughout the session. At the end of the day you will receive a certificate of completion for the first level of Reiki training.



In this intermediate level, we will expand on what you learned in Level I, and you will receive two more Reiki symbols.


I will attune you to the second level of Reiki, and explain how interacting with the physical body can act as a catalyst for deeper emotional healing, and accessing untapped inner resources. You will learn more about the care and consideration needed to give others Reiki, as well as how to send Reiki remotely or from a distance. As with Level I, you receive a book with detailed descriptions of everything we have gone over that day, and a certificate of completion at the end of the day.



In this advanced level, the energy intensifies. We will build upon what we have learned in the two previous levels, and you will receive another two Reiki symbols upon which to focus your intentions and energy. I will continue to teach you how to use these symbols effectively, both in self-healings and in the healings we give to others.


I will attune you to the third Reiki level, and you will learn a moving meditation that will help you connect with your core purpose in your life. We will dive deep into how Reiki can help you access and utilize your inner resources, and harness the powerful life force within us all. As with the previous two levels, you will receive a book with everything we have learned, and a certificate of completion at the end of the day.



In this master level, the energy culminates as you get fully attuned to the practice and learn the final two Reiki symbols. We will reiterate and build upon everything we’ve covered in the training so far, and I will round off your Reiki training by teaching you how to attune others to Reiki, thus completing the training cycle and empowering you to share your knowledge and understanding with the world at large.


You will receive a comprehensive book with detailed instructions covering everything we have learned, plus a certificate of completion confirming that you are trained as a Reiki master.


With that in mind, Reiki mastery is a fluid and ever-evolving journey that requires continual dedication and practice – this training opens the door, but it’s up to you to choose to walk through it every day and continue developing your personal relationship with the energy.