Meet Birla


The founder of Birla Angelica, Birla is a certified Reiki master, death midwife, facilitator of Sacred Ceremonies, photographer, clothing designer, artist, and home apothecarist with an international practice based in her home in Los Angeles and her homeland of Denmark.


Innately creative and insatiably curious, Birla is a modern-day renaissance woman who brings a passion for healing and connection to everything she does. After decades of self discovery and a move from Denmark to the creative melting pot of Los Angeles, she found herself embodying a variety of roles, all with a singular mission woven throughout them: to help people connect and engage with the sacred in life, in the budding and the flowering as well as the wilting and the dying.


The sacred, the beauty and mystery that ignites our purpose and grounds us in gratitude, has the power to rekindle a dynamic and deeply felt sense of meaning in our lives and reactivate our own natural self-healing techniques. When you tune in to the present moment and orient your day around living purposefully, you access a deeper connection to your higher truths and fall in love with your everyday life. You stop thinking of life as one long “to do” list and start thinking of it as an endless symphony of magnificently unique “now” moments just waiting to be experienced.


Whether you are training with Birla one-on-one or treating yourself to one of her exquisitely made ceremonial kits or luxurious body care products, her unwavering commitment to celebrating the beauty and authenticity in all that we are reverberates throughout each of her thoughtfully produced offerings. A devoted spiritual practitioner herself, Birla is known for her compassionate, non-judgmental, and holistic approaches, as well as her transformative ability to support others on their own paths to awakening.

Guiding Principles


Through the art of ritual, intention-setting, and other simple ways to connect with reverence, I strive to help you access the sense of awe and purpose that always exists just under the surface of our daily lives. The sacred is always there; we just have to choose to look for it!




To me, true beauty bypasses personal opinion and universally inspires awe in people and awakens our yearning to express ourselves more authentically. With my offerings, I try to tap into this alchemical power of beauty and ignite your sensibilities on the most meaningful of levels.




No matter the circumstance, there is always an opportunity to connect to the preciousness of life, whether it be in the budding, the flowering, or even the wilting and the dying of a new reality. It all has beauty. Through my work, I hope to connect you to the sacredness of the process no matter where you are on your path.



Standing for truth often means learning to tolerate greater levels of vulnerability and prioritizing authenticity even when it’s uncomfortable to do so. To ease the journey towards one’s truth, I create offerings that promote self-compassion and self-understanding, so you can show up more fully in your life with greater confidence and grace.




Life is not happening to us. Rather, we are active participants in creating our reality. When I work with you, I aim to provide a safe haven for you to explore your edge of awakening consciously and at your own pace.