Going for a walk

Going for a walk

As I was walking with my daughter and my dog  in Altadena the other morning I came across these magnolia flowers, and I had to take a picture. Their vivid color and their magnificence  strikes me every time – so beautiful. How can I explain what that means to me? Yes, a Magnolia tree was planted for my grandmother, and I loved it so much as a child. And yes, that pop of color when most trees have no leaves is just so wonderful. But there is a foundational sense of awe that floors me, a connection to the miracle of a flower, a color, life and how it continues, always creating, always expanding.

I look at the flower, I take it in. I merge with it and become the flower, and feel how I grow on this tree, as an individual flower and yet part of the tree. I feel the primal consciousness in the tree, the total and ultimate ‘being’ it is resting in.

And then I am brought back to my life by my daughter needing me, the dog pooping, or something else very real that I need to react to in this moment.

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