Fierce beauty

Fierce beauty

I took this picture in Australia, at a wildlife park. These majestic creatures fascinated me, because there is something innately feminine about them, and something fierce and firm. These birds are not trying to be nice. They are not trying to please you or adapt to your needs, they are an expression of pure feminine power, and they are a little scary.

In the feminine we have the beauty, sweetness and softness often connected with the Maiden archetype, and we also have the nurturing, self sacrificing, all-encompassing mercy we connect with the Mother, and then there is a fierce wisdom- giving no fucks- quality, often attributed to the Crone archetype.

This bird is the latter. Holding her space. Challenging your authority. Giving no fucks.

I admire that.

When I am a crone I am going to give no fucks either, and I am already starting to move towards it. When I have a big decision I am in doubt about, I ask myself: What would my badass crone self do? And usually the decisions I make from that place are the boldest, the most authentic and the ones I feel best about.