Most of us can feel how our outer world affects our inner world. When we partake in ceremonies that mark the rites of personal transition, we create an outer ritual that comes into purposeful alignment with our inner transformation. Throughout history, ceremonies have been an important way to personally and collectively acknowledge and celebrate events in our lives. They invite a sense of the sacred; they mark transitions and bring a group of people together to recognize and appreciate a specific moment in time.


Celebrating Your Lost Loved Ones and Honoring Your Grief During a Time of COVID


When a loved one dies, and we are not able to be with them or gather with everyone who loved them to celebrate their life, we are left yearning for closure.


We long to do something meaningful, something that will help us make sense of all the feelings we are left with. Losing someone is never easy, but denied access to the traditions that bring honor to those who have passed, and comfort to those left behind, we are left with pain and grief that doesn’t have an outlet.


How do we create a space for these feelings, how do we create a place where we can find comfort when we are unable to gather together?


How do we help our children process their grief about losing someone they loved?


This Sacred Memorial Home Ceremony kit is a guide to creating a meaningful ceremony for your loved one at home. I will guide you through the process step by step – from the initial preparations, through the steps of a ceremony that I help you structure, and finally into setting up a long term space of connection with your loved-one that has transitioned.


You can download these instructions here by donating an amount of your choosing.


100% of the money from this download will go to donating tablets for hospitals, so people who are isolated and dying alone can say goodbye to their families via video.




When I work with you to create your personal ceremony, I invoke both ancient and modern ceremonial rituals. It is my intention to offer a safe space for transformation during the important times in your life and to bring forth whatever is needed most…comfort, healing, birthing, dying, connection, celebration, meaning, and more. Every ceremony has unique intentions; some are designed to help you let go of the past, and others to welcome in a new phase with open arms. Really, any life event can be acknowledged with a simple and beautiful ceremony to bring in a sense of the sacred.

Ceremonies can be very private one on one affairs, or can include your chosen family and/or friends.


Examples of Customized Ceremonies I Offer:

  • New Home Blessing Ceremony
  • Space-Clearing Ceremony
  • “Letting Go” Ceremonies to Mark Important Transitions (loss of relationship, end to a certain life chapter, etc.)
  • Celebration Ceremonies (significant birthday, graduation, new job, etc.)
  • Coming of Age Ceremony
  • Weddings
  • Baby Blessing Ceremony
  • Memorial Services


If the thought of a Customized Ceremony resonates with you, I’d love to talk with you! Please contact me here today .


Prices vary depending on what the ceremony entails.


Four times a year (near the beginning of each season) I lead a Seasonal Ceremony that is open to anyone who is interested. Seasonal Ceremonies give us the opportunity to come together, using ancient and modern ceremonial rituals, to usher in new energy and the changes that a seasonal shift can offer in our lives, both individually and collectively.


Beautiful and sacred, Seasonal Ceremonies give you the opportunity to connect with nature and the elements, set intentions for the coming season, let go of any life choices that are no longer serving you, and simply receive the gifts of guided meditations and rituals. Each ceremony is arranged in accordance with the moon, the season, and the unique collection of participants, and is ripe with reverence, beauty and magic!

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